Stray Books is a free 2 days mini festival with a focus on photo zines and independent photobooks, rooted in DIY practice.

From Friday 13 to Saturday 14 June  2014 in London. Launched by Akinabooks, this first edition supports the young publishing scene with independent publishing houses as well as self-published and DIY books.

StrayBooks is hosted at Red Gallery in Shoreditch.


Akinabooks invited his fellows Doomed Gallery (Dalston based gallery) and Zines of The Zone as well as Discipula Edition, Photobook Club UK and Photobook Show to jointly curate this event. We are glad to invite you to attend the following activities:

Zines of the Zone nomad Zine exhibition

Zines of the UK Exhibition
Now accepting submission!

Book Stalls by  independent publishers

Zines Swap free table

Pop-up Workshop in Bookbinding and zine making

An open space to meet have a chat, share printed matter, drink a shandy


ADAD Books, Akina Books, Discipula Editions (Italy, UK, Croatia) , HERE Press, Morel Books, Mtopress, Oodee, PJP Editions, RIOT BOOKS (Spain, Azerbaijan)), Stay Alone (Japan), The Velvet Cell (France, UK, Taiwan), Trolley BooksWitty kiwi independent photography (Italy), Doomed Gallery.

And more self publishers !

David O’Mara (Detritus) , Nico Baumgarten, Fábio Cunha, Andrew Youngson, Meanwhile Press, Miren Pastor, AYU publishing, Lewis Bush, Boracic Press, Bernadette Keating, Alessia Bernardini, 9213 – University of Brighton, Theo Simpson, Space Cadet.



From Friday 13 to Saturday 14June 2014

Opening Friday 13 June 16.00 – 20.00


Red Gallery > 1-3 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DT