As part of the Zines of the Zone‘s wandering library tour, Stray Books is calling for zine submissions for the upcoming London event.

Every kind of photo-zines is accepted, from self-publishers, DIYers, zinesters and independent publishers.

zines of the zone strayboks

Upon acceptance, your zine will be displayed at Stray Books for the 2-day festival (13-14 June 2014) and will become part of the travelling Zines of the Zone library collection across Europe.

If you send two copies, the second one will be added to the Stray Books library and shown during our next events. Sending two copies is entirely optional, the first copy will always be added to the Zines of the Zone collection.

Part of the selected publications will be shown on Stray Books’ Tumblr.

Zines of the Zone is a nomadic, not-for-profit library dedicated to self-published photobooks, photozines, and any DIY printed matter related to photography. The project’s aim is to create a European network and generate a public collection out of these alternative practices.

From January 2014 on wards, the mobile library will be be travelling throughout Europe to display its collection to the public and collect new zines in each visited city, in order to increase the collection and meet new artists.

Zines and self-published books are limited in their edition and as they are sold at a fair price, they appear to be quickly sold out – and for that reason, out of reach, hard to find.

The aim is to create a public collection so that anybody can have a look at this printed matter, whether it is sold out or not. This collection would act like a memory, a permanent place for the these quite-ephemeral objects: a place where the books continue to live, give inspiration, be manipulated and shared.

You can bring your zine directly at the event or mail it to StrayBooks Direction- 58 Gloucester Drive N4 2LN London


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