ADAD Books, Akina Books, Discipula Editions (Italy, UK, Croatia) , HERE Press, Morel Books, Mtopress, Oodee, PJP Editions, RIOT BOOKS (Spain, Azerbaijan)), Stay Alone (Japan), The Velvet Cell (France, UK, Taiwan), Trolley BooksWitty kiwi independent photography (Italy), Doomed Gallery.

And more self publishers !

David O’Mara (Detritus) , Nico Baumgarten, Fábio Cunha, Andrew Youngson, Meanwhile Press, Miren Pastor, AYU publishing, Lewis Bush, Boracic Press, Bernadette Keating, Alessia Bernardini, 9213 – University of Brighton, Theo Simpson, Space Cadet.



RED GALLERY 1-3 Rivington St,
outside space
Entrance for the market: 288-299 Old Street,
London, EC1V 9DP


FRIDAY 13th June from 3pm to 9pm
SATURDAY 14th June from 12am to 9pm

straybooks banner


Feel free to pop in during the Straybooks Fest in London to trade your zine for another zine! There will be a table where you can browse your barter and offer yours in exchange!

Please enquiry for more information at


This festival is proudly independent and sponsored by nobody. The money will be used to cover basic expenses to run the festival. Thank you for your support!




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